People are greeting from a bridge the crowd of the demonstration „welcome to hell“, who walks through St. Pauli and expecting street fighting with the police.
 Demonstrators are sitting peaceful on the road in St. Pauli and the police does’nt know how to stop the road block. Modern watercannons always helps.
 Peaceful demonstrator tries to breath after he got load of pepper spray straight in his face. His crime was to demonstrate for a fair world. This was the end of the demonstration „welcome to hell“. Who won?
 One of the riot-tourists is throwing a bottle against the watecannons of Hamburg’s police force.
 After hours of looting shops and devasteting streets around the Schulterblatt the police came back with their watercannons to push back the demonstrators. But still the surreal scene is on. Some of the denonstrators are still throwing stones, others dancing in the rain.   
 The so-called Black Block after looting several shops and throwing the interior decoration on the street or constructing barricades with it.
 G20-tourists are trying to play a cat-and-mouse-game with the water cannons. Even the police accept the game and play their own rule for hours.
 This hooded demonstrator with his bottle of beer is fighting against the international police with their modern water cannons. And his cigarette is still burning.
 A mixture of riot-tourism, carnival, socialism, black block and green idealism found itself at the Schulterblatt to fight against neoliberalism, dictatorships and government, while the politicians listened to Beethoven at the Elbphilharmonie.
 After hours of anarchy, the police came back to solve their own problem. They could’nt protect the people, who are living in that district of Schulterblatt. The demonstrators are waiting to welcome the watercannons.
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